French Bulldogs For Sale

French Bulldogs & Frenchie Puppies

French Bulldogs are tough looking dogs having a great craze among people for the reason of their affection for the masters.

French Bulldogs For Sale

Bulldogs have known to be originated from the English culture and were exported to France in early 19th century. French breeders began to breed these dogs with French high-quality dogs to produce a breed, which is different from English version of bulldogs. This was the time when the concept of French Bulldogs originated. Bulldog Breeders have always been crazy about breeding English, French and American Interconnections to get the master species having the positive traits of both breeds.

French Bulldogs were descendants of English Bulldogs and their characteristics were far different than English Bulldogs. These bulldogs have snubbed nose, dense skin coating, compact muscles and strong structure. These animals have shorter height than the English Bulldogs and come with straight tail. These dogs have a probability to get obese very soon and the average weight is approximately 30 pounds. The glimpse of their eyes is very impressive and these creatures are quite impressive. French bulldogs require lesser maintenance than other breeds of dogs.

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French Bulldogs are relatively having low maintenance than the other dogs and they are well-protective for their homes. They have strong health, sturdy behavior and socially active needs and help the buyers to meet the requirements of the best qualities. French bulldog puppies are most sought out pets and look amazing in all the aspects. Bulldog buyers should learn as much as they can about these amazing dogs before making the purchase.


French Bulldogs are the best even for the small sized houses. They can run and play in your house and you have to give them full time to make them feel great. You will love cuddling them and their wrinkled skin is something to adore. They have lifespan of maximum 13-14 years. You will love their companionship as they are quite intelligent. You can train them within a short span of time. The personality of these dogs is quite playful, affectionate and outgoing. They will love their masters like anything and you will admire their company.

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The grooming and habits of bulldogs are the same and French Bulldogs have wrinkles on skin with pug noses. They are not meant for extreme climatic conditions and are basically indoor dogs. The worst case is that these dogs can get heatstroke in high temperature in room or any outside area.

The animals have to be taken care of in the perfect way to keep bacteria and excessive sweat away from the body. They can eat too much because of their general tendency and you have to be careful for not making them obese by excessive feeding. They can become lethargic with overweight. Bulldogs are social creatures having great love for their owners. They require your love and affection and interact with you with lovable gestures. Bulldogs are usually believed to have highly aggressive nature, but their positive usage of energy can lead to successful turnover in their nature and they become the best social following their master in an e

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Look for the best Breeder for buying French Bulldogs for sale


Bulldogs are the social pets having a great love for their owners. The owners can bond easily with them and mould their aggressiveness to positive energy. Aggression is the major feature of bulldog and the behavior issues of these animals have to be dealt from the time these dogs are puppies. Bulldogs understand their masters well and perform actions accordingly. If you have patience of training a dog without hitting them, this would be the best thing to be done for a bulldog. Never use any detrimental way to train your dog because these creatures are loyal to you and understand your concerns in the best way.


Before taking the decision to buy any French bulldog; you need to research about them and their nature to know about their activities in detail. There are different categories of dog breeders and it is essential to buy any dog having their initial training from a good breeder. Whenever you have to choose the breeder for making purchase of best bulldog, there are a few signs to look for:

• Breeder should have their own kennels.
• Puppies should be medically sound with a proper vaccine card and health check status.
• If the breeder is offering too many puppies at one time, they can be fraud. Ask them questions about the same and then make decision to buy pups.
• Don’t buy puppies if they seem nervous and under confident.
• If breeders are not showing you puppies or disallow your visit to their kennels, they might be hiding something from you.
• Breeders should have certification from any national association and references to show to their clients.
• Breeders need to be curious to know about your decision to buy French bulldog. They should be interested to know why you want these dogs.
• If you have queries regarding French bulldogs and the breeder can’t answer them, it is useless to buy the animal from them.
• Expert breeders have the dogs with training and discipline. You should be provided with a guide for caring French bulldogs and bring them well.
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French Bulldogs are Amazing Creatures
French Bulldogs are tough looking dogs having a great craze among people for the reason of their affection for the masters. They are descendents of the English bulldogs and were mixed breed of French and English dogs. However, this is the matter of 19th century and nowadays; French Bulldogs are original in their own sense. French bulldog can have small or medium size and the appearance is not like the English bulldog version. The skin color is beige, off-white, mouse color, black or even grey tone. They have broad shoulders, thicker neck and well-formed muscles.
The personality of French bulldogs is quite impressive and they are full of energy. You will love them as amazing family pets as they create a nice bonding with their master. They are faithful dogs having an urge to spend time with you. You don’t have to worry much about their exercising, but it would be good if you have a few minutes in the day to take them out. In some cases, these dogs get aggressive and behave indifferently; but it happens only if the family master is unable to give them proper time and attention or behaves badly with the dog.
French Bulldogs can’t adjust with other pets during adulthood, but it is observed that these dogs can make up with other pets only when they are being introduced to them during the childhood stage. These dogs are highly intelligent and you will love training them because they respond too quickly to your actions. French Bulldogs have the probability of getting breathing issues on excessive physical activities, extreme temperatures or high aggression. You have to care for them to keep them in the correct temperatures. Overall, your experience with French bulldogs would be a great one and you will love their company. Make sure that you don’t over feed them as these creatures get obese very soon and it might create health issues for them.